Strong Factor Authentication

Strong customer authentication

  1. Full 3D Secure services – to Issuing and Acquiring Banks (Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code)
  2. 3D Secure Certification is performed by using MPI testing platform for the Acquiring Banks & ACS testing platform for the Issuing Banks
  3. Cluster servers in place for Acquiring/ Issuing Banks
  4. Contracts with the virtual merchants are signed by the Acquiring Banks
  5. Configuration of the 3D Secure interface between us and the merchant is performed by us
  6. We are registering the 3D Secure configured merchants on Visa/ MasterCard Directory Server
  7. The e-Commerce transactions are processed on behalf
  8. PSD2 compliant

eCommerce CoF Tokenization

Token Requestor and Token Service Provider

  • The tokenization of Visa (VISA Token Services) and MasterCard (MDES for Merchants) is a security technology that replaces cardholder information, such as account numbers and expiration dates, with a unique digital identifier (a “token”) that can be used for payment without exposing a cardholder’s more sensitive account information.
  • Tokenization hides consumers confidential account information during digital transactions, making digital payments more secure for everyone, everywhere.
  • Tokens will function as long as the underlying accounts remain open and are in good standing.
  • Token transactions (except recurring/partial shipments) use a dynamic cryptogram, improving security. Only the correct OBOTR can request for a cryptogram associated with a unique token, and cryptograms may only be used once. The presence of the cryptogram in the authorization request helps Visa/MasterCard verify that the transaction originated from the correct merchant