Romcard E-wallet

Romcard E-wallet

Romcard (SIBS Group) has developed the “Wallet System”platform as an integrated part of 3D Secure.

The “Wallet System” platform is designed as a convenient alternative for clients to make online payments in a fast, secure and very simple way.

Using a digital wallet will benefit the consumers with easily accessible retail promotions, discounts and loyalty programs.

This system consists of a software platform that will be used for online payment transactions using cards issued under VISA and MasterCard.

The main components of the Wallet System are:

Web interface

  • Optimized platform for both standard PC’s and mobile browsers;
  • This platform allows the cardholder:
    • to store multiple cards into an “Electronic wallet” developed and managed by Romcard (SIBS Group)
    • to manage all related information (add, modify, delete card details)
    • to make payment transactions, by only selecting the card number alias

These operations can also be performed using a mobile application developed for this purposes.

Recurrent interface

  • This platform allows the cardholders to establish a recurrent plan for their monthly invoice.
  • At first transaction moment, the client will choose the “recurrent option”- all future similar payments shall be done with no other client interaction, based on the initial transaction details.
  • Sensitive cardholder data will be stored and processed by Romcard (SIBS Group).

The expansion of online payments market is on a fast-track and this will eventually lead to more customer insight and thus, will give to all companies the opportunity to make more targeted marketing messages.

Total security! 

  • Authentication with user name and password
  • Maximum 20.000 RON (or equivalent in foreign currency) per transaction
  • Automatically log off after several minute of inactivity

 Person-to-person money transfer in just 30 minutes!

  • No more filling forms – transfer the information securely and accurately
  • Access the account through mobile login
  • Person to person money transfer, in local currency, in just 30 minutes
  • Access the history of transactions
  • 24/7 service
  • GPS location for nearby ATM machines
  • Purchasing items online with a smartphone
  • Storing loyalty cards and purchase with just one click
  • Approved by VISA & MasterCard
  • Allows online shopping, through bank cards and offline shopping through loyalty cards
  • Can be downloaded from Google Play / AppStore and optimized for smartphone with iOS 4.3 or newer and Android 2.2 or newer. For other operating systems, the application can be opened by phone browser, providing access to the main features
  • SMS alerts/emails regarding transactions