24 Nov 2016

Provus Group is opening an office in Republic of Moldova

Opening the office in Chisinau came as a logical decision following the increasing number of customers of Wirecard-Provus Group in Moldova, a recent trend that will continue. The new office is also part of the Wirecard AG plan to expand in Eastern Europe, a plan that started in January 2016 with the acquisition of Provus Group in Romania.

Provus Group offers customers in Moldova online payment solutions through electronic wallet and mobile application-Romcard Masterpass Wallet, Cards4u, Host Card Emulation- loyalty banking programs and applications and modern loyalty solutions for retail- mPOS, POS Sharing, complex& complete loyalty programs.

Currently, in Moldova, Provus Group has clients in the banking area and estimates that, by the end of 2017, besides broadening the portfolio with new banking clients, complex solutions will also be implemented, by the Group, for important names in the retail market.