21 Apr 2011

Innova Capital names Utku Ogrendil as CEO Provus-RomCard

Innova Capital, the Polish private equity who in January 2011 took over the majority stake of the card processing center Provus and its subsidiary RomCard, appointed Utku Ogrendil to be the CEO of the group consisting of the two companies.

Provus and RomCard are one the largest local providers of issuance, personalization, acceptance and processing for cards and card transactions. This year, Provus celebrates 10 years of presence on the Romanian market.

Utku Ogrendil takes over leading Provus-RomCard group after being VicePresident of retail activities, cards and alternative channels of Credit Europe Bank. Ogrendil worked over 11 years in the Romanian banking system, holding leadership positions.

Provus-RomCard Group manages over 1,500 ATM terminals and more than 5,000 POS units (including virtual). The Group processes more than 3.5 million cards, plus the 7,000,000 enrolled 3D-Secure card for e-commerce, for 23 banking and non banking clients. Provus-RomCard processes over 4,000,000 card transactions each month.

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